Going to School is an Adventure!

The world is a dangerous place.

Epic beasts roam the land. Goblin hoards threaten settlements. Dungeons of evil Overlords, demons, and the occasional killer rabbit litter the landscape. Hidden arcanotech labs spew forth mechanical terrors.

In other words, it’s a world perfect for adventurers!

But just declaring yourself an adventurer and venturing into the wilderness is suicidal. There were far too many that found this out the hard way. But where would you learn how to survive?

There is such a place: Arcanium Academy!

Here, aspiring adventurers can learn anything they’ll need from swordplay and magic to arcanotech use and maintenance. Airship piloting to how to manage the loot you’ll find on your quests. Everything you’d need to know before venturing into the dangerous world.

As an instructor in this renown school, it’s your task to teach these young men and women what they’ll need to survive. It’s also your job to protect the school. One day it could be orcish invaders, the next a dragon that decides to take a walk too close. Maybe the school will start sinking into the lake, and it’ll be your job to find out why. There’s also the possibility you’ll have to protect the students and school from the biggest threat of all: the students themselves.


Players will spend game-time dealing with problems that occur within the school’s daily life, deal with problem students, go about their responsibilities as teachers, and perhaps even lead field trips. The world is created by both the GM and players as we go along. Think of a class that hasn’t been mentioned yet? It will retroactively be created. A transfer student from a country not yet mentioned? It’s always been there, just hasn’t been mentioned yet. So have fun with it.

The game is played strictly over gmail chat (at least until we find something more reliable), since players are all over the country. Because of the open-world creation, there are opportunities for the players to occasionally take over being the GM. This is only with the official GM’s approval, of course. He doesn’t need to know what you’re planning, since he’s made a character too for these cases, but if he doesn’t know you that well, chances are you aren’t going to be able to be a GM quite yet.

We typically play on Thursdays between 6 and 9pm, pacific time (9 – 12pm eastern time). It’s not every Thursday, but generally once every two weeks. Sometimes we play on the weekend and/or Monday if necessary. If you wish to join, send the GM a message, and we’ll see what we can do.


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