Terror in the Depths Part 1
Fun under the... water.

What seemed to be a rare, ‘normal’ day quickly turned sour as a large earthquake struck the Arcanium Academy. In response, the instructors needed to journey down into the underwater part of the facility to rescue those that shut themselves into safe rooms, in case of flooding. Arduno Boliviar, Eralem Omateh, Hyacinthe Villette, Ilana, Magdela Solarim, and Zandox were charged with rescuing those within the southern part of the facility, while Rhiannon Atweiler led the rest of the instructors to the northern half.

The brave rescuers descend into the damp darkness, but find the underwater structure surprisingly well lit with a very impressive view of the surrounding lake. There is a slight demonic presence that catches Zandox’s attention, so he warns the others to keep their eyes open. The group quickly finds the first three safe-rooms, but nobody is inside. Deciding it would be fastest to split up even further, Ilana pulls Hyacinthe with her to continue exploring a different path from the others (she could protect him if anything happened, that was certainly the only reason).

Ilana and Hyacinthe encounter a strange old man, who introduces himself as Roku. He is remarkably unconcerned about the possibility of massive flooding in the facility (he does claim he can breathe underwater), and is surprisingly knowledgeable. He points them towards a ‘secret’ observation room where, he claims, is a safe-room with survivors inside. The enigmatic Roku vanishes when the two look away, but they decide to follow his suggested path regardless.

Meanwhile, Arduno was becoming concerned for Magdela, who had become increasingly and obviously nervous. She refused to acknowledge his concerns, instead doing everything she could to not look out the copious amount of windows. The four come across a pool-room that connects to the outside lake, of which there is a safe-room located on the opposite side. As they are crossing the room to check the safe-room, an aftershock strikes, sending Magdela plunging into the pool. Panic overtakes Magdela, which requires Arduno to dive in and rescue her. Considering the door back the way they came collapses and starts leaking due to the aftershock, the four teachers take refuge in the unoccupied safe-room.

Ilana trips due to the same aftershock the other four feel, but is caught by Hyacinthe before suffering any injury from the fall. Shortly after, the two come across the door to the ‘secret’ observation room. The door needed to be forced open, which allowed Ilana and Hyacinthe into the very dark, all-metal enclosed dome. There was actual ground underfoot, which seemed odd, but the two teachers explored the dark room using some glowstones provided by Hyacinthe. They found a small, demon-summoning portal behind a low obstacle. Hyacinthe also discovers a control panel, which he uses to turn on the lights of the room.

He quickly wishes he hadn’t, as the low obstacle in front of the portal was actually the leg of a large, unmoving demon. It is then when Roku makes another appearance, and explains that the large demon is the defeated Greater Demon Ilkorur, which the lake is named after, and has been here ever since. The two teachers leave Roku to close the portal while they rescue the researcher Hoyt and his two apprentices. Roku warns the two teachers that the four friends they came down with are in danger, which is confirmed when Idone calls on their communicator wondering if they know anything.

With four teachers stuck in a safe-room (two of whom are chilled to the bone from the freezing water), two other teachers rushing to the rescue, and Roku having once again vanished, what shall happen next? Find out, in the next, exciting episode of Arcanium!

Restraining the Demon
...with bonds of fluffy love.

Early on a Saturday morning, Muu approaches Ilana. Outlining her problem, she tells the priestess that she requires a ritual to be performed on her, which she was originally supposed to receive upon returning to the monastery. Because she’s stuck at the school for an unknown period of time, she requests Ilana perform the ritual for her.

First up was the acquisition of witnesses! Not knowing anyone else in the school, Muu requests her older brother Zandox, despite family members not generally being approved as witnesses. Mainly because family members rarely can stand back and allow their children/siblings/whatever to be tied up. And let’s face it, they are demons in this case.

However, after acquiring Zandox as a witness, they proceed to pick up Hyacinthe Villette (who was very willing to help out) and Arduno Boliviar (who felt he owed the others for the actions during the attempted assassination) as witnesses, and the ritual begins.

Of course, nothing can go entirely smoothly, as Zandox is asked to help defuse a possibly dangerous situation shortly after the ritual begins. Apparently a group of frogmen (from the events in the swamp) are approaching the school. Zandox is necessary since he’s the only one able to speak their language (the other person is ‘tied up’ now).

Fortunately, the frogmen have not come for a fight. They wish to learn more of the mysterious, binding light that Ilana used on them. One of the frogmen are brought before Ilana, and during the conversation, Ilana is delighted to find she may have a whole village of possible converts. Promises are made to visit the village shortly after the current ritual is finished. The frogmen head back to their own village happy… at least, we assume they’re happy. It’s hard to tell with frogmen.

Sports Day!
Teachers Pwning Students at Sports

The Headmaster, in his infinite wisdom, and with inspiration from reading endless manga originating from the Lunar Isles, had spontaneously decided it was time for Arcanium Academy to have a Sports Festival. Drawing on examples from said manga, the Headmaster drew up a schedule for the festival spread over two days, decided on some prizes (without consulting the teachers, of course), and told the instructors to do it. Negotiation was not tolerated.

Arduno, keen to win the ‘Most Impressive Player’ award (a date with any member of the teaching faculty), entered himself into five of the eleven events, all of which were the most prestigious. He did impressively in each event, helping his team achieve victory in the Horseback Battle, Volleyball, and Soccer. In addition, he did very well in the Track Relay and Triathlon. The sly dog even managed to steal a small kiss from Magdela, totally by accident, during the volleyball game. Luckily for him, and for the teacher’s team, Magdela managed to restrain her fireballs… this time.

Zandox on the other hand was treading on very thin ice on occasion during the festival. During the Horseback Battle, his hands slipped as he attempted to keep his flame Eralem from tripping into the water, resulting in him grabbing something he really shouldn’t have been touching. The resulting fireball of embarrassment lowered the water level in the pool by about a foot, and disqualified Zandox’s team from the Horseback battle. Eralem had forgiven him in time for the Three-Legged Race (or at least pretended nothing happened). But right at the end of the race, Eralem had tripped, dragging Zandox down with her. In the ensuing collapse, Zandox’s hand happened to wrap around Eralem’s extremely sensitive tail. She seemed to enjoy it… at least there were no fireballs this time.

Ilana, not at all interested in either prize, picked a few of the least competitive games, as well as the ones where there were large teams so not everything was riding on her shoulders. The walking fanservice woman managed to avoid a groping, although Hyacinthe managed to inadvertently reveal he thinks Ilana is a beautiful woman during the Scavenger Hunt. She also spent a lot of time working as a nurse and a cheerleader, much to the delight of her fans.

In the end, the teacher’s team won the overall competition. The vote split between Eralem and Ilana, mostly due to the provided fanservice, allowed Arduno to take the lead and win the ‘Most Impressive Player’ award. Rumors have circulated over who he would ask, but Arduno is surprisingly close-lipped about it.

Goddess Save the Queen
Making Covesby Grove safe, one hell house at a time!

During the noon assembly called by the headmaster with everyone in attendance, he calls for a (dramatic) silence. After the teachers manage to get their students quiet, he begins a short speech. He tells the crowd that they will be attending a feast at the estate of Lord Enor, in addition to hosting a ball at the Academy. The headmaster then appointed the student advisor Magdela Solarim, the demon lord Zandox, and the Ardarvian priestess Ilana to the task. With that began the three newly appointed security task force met with the headmaster in his office, where he confesses to him that he received an official royal request to secure the town of Covesby Grove, and to help with the preparations for a grand feast in the honor of the Queen’s visit. He also warned them of potential dangers to the Queen: vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts and especially Ardunos.

The team assembles the next day in the morning with two tasks. First, they have to meet with Lord Sandover to approve their duties to secure the town for the Queen’s arrival, and secondly to secure the Queen’s manor and make sure it is fit for her to stay. They take off just after dawn to do their duty, bringing along their students and other helpers, including Lionel and Kimi. Even Lila, the Life studies teacher volunteered her help, though she did not seem to even know where they were headed or what they were doing.

On the morning trip to Covesby Grove, Kimi reveals that a kill bounty did in fact appear a few weeks prior to the announcement of Her Majesty’s visit, and that the timing of it and the lack of an assassination likely meant it was for the Queen. Unfortunately, since Kimi no longer takes contracts, she was not given any more details or information, except that a reliable assassin was already in route and poised to strike.

With this they arrive at the village, where they split into two groups. Ilana, Lionel, Zeon and Red head to secure the manor, while Magdela, Zandox, Lila Amora and Kimi head to the Lord’s estate to speak with him.

Field Trip!
Nobody gets hurt on field trips, right?

Arduno Boliviar was not happy. Probably because his pride and joy, the Elma’s Grace, was stuffed so full of students that the hull was creaking. He was accompanied by Ilana, Magdela Solarim, and Zandox, along with all their students. Arduno’s own students were having difficulty moving around the ship, seeing to their duties.

The reason for the overcrowded conditions was a joint-class field trip. The school was asked by the small Hiborian village of Nothas to get a demon that apparently set-up shop in a nearby dungeon from taking more of their men. If possible, get the five men the demon has taken to give them back as well. Of course, what better situation than dungeon crawling after a demon would be better for a field trip?

They manage to arrive at their destination without anyone falling out of the cloudship, although a few students had to be tied up for their own sakes. It was at that point Arduno discovered he was being dragged into the dungeon as well. As Ilana states, “Someone has to fight the demon.” Arduno’s students happily stay behind to ‘watch the ship’. As the group of teachers and students head into the cave which happens to make up the dungeon, sounds of a full-on party reach their ears from the cloudship.

With only a few mishaps, including Arduno setting off a trap of darts coated in a weak paralytic agent, the large group manages to reach the inner sanctum. There, they meet the succubus Auga, who apparently had a previous relationship with the demonology teacher “Zandy”. Despite her repeated offers of a long life full of pleasure, Arduno refuses and even storms out of the cave.

The succubus tells them that she, for reasons she doesn’t want to go into, cannot return to the demon world for quite a while. She plans to stick around in the human world for a century or two to let the heat die down, but needs the energy generated from human lust to sustain herself. The five she’s taken should last her until they die of old age, and she promises to not take any more for at least half a century. She cannot return the five already taken, as they had signed a contract with her. Even had they not, it’s possible they would not want to return. They were, she mentions, very happy.

Satisfied that they had at least managed to accomplish part of their mission, making Auga promise not to take any more men (at least for a while), the group heads back to school. Arduno managed to get another dart in the butt on their way out, from the same trap as earlier. Overall, not a good day to be Arduno.

Food, Fun, and Frivolity
A night to (almost) remember

It’s a calm evening at The Swaggering Marquis. At least, for now.

The Headmaster has brought the staff here to show his appreciation for all their hard work in what he calls a ‘staff appreciation’ meeting. The night is on him, and there’s free food, drink, and games for all to enjoy.

Ilana and Red gravitate towards the gaming area, where the co-proprietor Harulin introduces them to their recently purchased “Battle Tables”. The devices make miniature versions of the players that sit at the tables, and allow them to duke it out without danger of personal or structural damage. The two spend the rest of the night at the game table, enjoying themselves.

Arduno, in his quest to get into Magdela‘s pants, immediately heads to the bar before the Headmaster’s speech is over to procure two glasses of wine. He then makes a beeline to Magdela in an effort to get her drunk. He suffers the usual verbal slings and arrows from her before she starts calming down. However, when it finally seems Arduno is getting somewhere, he is glomped from behind by the twins, jealous from lack of attention from him. Magdela uses the distraction to escape to the bathroom before heading home for the night. Frustrated, Arduno spends the rest of the night entertaining the twins in a game of darts, followed by a game of Sugi with his fellow countryman Zeon.

On the other hand, Zandox seemed to have a more productive evening. At first, his sweet tooth drags him over to the buffet, where he consumes a large piece of chocolate cake (without the use of a plate or fork). While examining the pool table, he notices Eralem glancing over at him from the bar. He joins her for a few drinks and a conversation about the demon race, and him in particular, when he admits his fascination with the human world’s sweet treats and women. More specifically, women like Eralem. The two agree it’s too loud at the bar, and agree to go somewhere more private. No funny business on a first date is Eralem’s policy, but Zandox is encouraged since it implies a second date is possible, and the two head out.

Wild, Wild Elves
Are classes ever not interrupted?

The day appeared to be going normally, until it was interrupted once again by the emergency bell chiming. A loud, unidentifiable voice booms over the entire school through magical means: “All students are to go to the emergency underground bunkers. All instructors report to the gathering hall.” Unaware of what it could be this time, the teachers dismiss their classes and head for the gathering hall.

There, the Headmaster informs the gathered crowd they are under siege by a group of Wild Elves. They are being held off by the school’s emergency barrier for the moment, but they may find a way to break through. The Headmaster organizes the teachers into groups to guard against the impending attack. Unfortunately, the school’s cloudship instructor had been missing, along with his entire class, for the last two days, so there would be no air support.

Ilana and Zandox find themselves assigned to the western section of the school, along with Harulin Wegbelka, Magdela Solarim, Red, and Lionel Geoffries. While Lionel is only a student, seniors were allowed to participate in the defense of the school if they volunteered.

The teachers (plus one) quickly spots one of the groups of Wild Elves on the opposite side of the barrier. They notice the dog-like creatures with the elves, which the Headmaster warned them about. In short order, the Biters tore a hole through the barrier and headed straight for the group of teachers.

It was at that moment that Arduno, returning from his students’ “exam” at the Annual Cazedor Cloudship Race, got in range to open fire at the beasts. With the new reinforcements from the sky, along with a few beasts of Harulin, they made short work of the Biters, causing the Wild Elves to run for their lives. After a short discussion, and many paper fan-based thwappings from Magdela directed at Arduno, it’s agreed that Harulin, Red, and Lionel will stay behind. Meanwhile, Zandox and Ilana will use their own power of flight to reinforce the south, while Magdela and the recently returned Arduno will head to the north.

Both sections are under attack by their own groups of Wild Elves, but our heroes take both by surprise, taking out the leaders and frightening the rest of the elves away. And thus, peace was restored to the school… again… for now, at least.

When Ghosts Attack
Who You Gonna Call?

Our heroes find themselves on campus just after lunchtime on a beautiful sunny day, slightly warm, and few clouds in the sky. The type of day dark elves despise. Ilana is in the teachers’ lounge grading essays, Zandox is headed towards the library for a spell, and Arduno Boliviar is ‘assisting’ Lila Amora Sinithia in her class. All three are suddenly interrupted by the appearance of extremely noisy ghosts.

Since the three of them did not have classes to teach at the time (a remarkable coincidence that will most likely happen several times as we play), they were placed on a special task force by the Headmaster to find the cause of these ghosts. There were a few paper-fan thwacks on Arduno as he hit on Magdela Solarim that came to fetch him, but otherwise they were very cooperative.

They begun at the fountain in front of the large clock tower at the very center of school, sharing the knowledge they had already gained about the ghosts on their own. Ilana had discovered they did not react normally to the power of her Goddess, while Zandox knew from his vast knowledge (and some quick attempts at mind controlling a ghost) that these particular ghosts were simply not normal.

Using her power of flight, Ilana took a quick look around school. While she did not notice any particular concentration of ghosts, she saw a suspicious group of students milling about. Thinking they might know the cause of the ghosts, or are at least drinking some booze Arduno could ‘confiscate’, the three move out. While the students were drinking, they were innocent in regards to the ghosts. In exchange for a tip that Harulin Wegbelka had been acting strangely, Arduno kindly let them get back to class without punishment.

The three confront Harulin in his office about his strange behavior. His pet Snippy happily greats Arduno and company by jumping on their backs (much to Arduno’s discomfort), but it turns out Harulin’s strangeness was because he was joyfully attempting to befriend the ghosts. They were all ignoring him, but he passed along another hint for our brave heroes: the twins had received a large arcanotech device this morning, and had not been seen since.

Traversing the campus yet again, the three leave Harulin to his self-appointed task of communicating with the ghosts. On the door to the twin’s classroom is a large sign that reads “Arcanotech Creatures classes cancelled.” Undeterred, the three enter. They find the twins fussing over the previously-mentioned arcanotech device. They are overjoyed to see help has arrived (especially Arduno), and explain they put a blue Arcanium crystal into it, instead of the prescribed red one.

Arduno, in his usual show-offy way, manages to cut the conduits from the crystal chamber with his trusty saber, solving the problem at last. The twins are very appreciative, but Arduno remembers a very important previous engagement he needs to attend to.


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