Arduno Boliviar

Your Recreational Cloudship Pira--Piloting teacher

Name: Arduno Boliviar
Species: Human
Race: Matadorian
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years
Height: 5’9" / 172cm
Weight: 159 lbs / 72kg
Hair: Blond Shoulder Length
Body Mind Spirit
10 5 7
Health Energy Initiative
85 60 12
Attack Defense Total CP
7 6 101
Spent CP Unused CP Skills
94 7 96/100
Weapon 100% (2-4) 75% (5-8) 50% (9-12) 25% (13-16)
Cicily 39 31 23 15
Sera 33 27 20 14
Agias 31 25 19 13
 Attribute: Notes and Descriptions Level Cost PMVs Total Cost
 Noble Upbringing: Highly Skilled (+70 SPs) 7 1 N/A 7
 Inheritance: Gadgets (11 major/12 minor) 7 2 N/A 14
 Beautiful: Features (Appearance x2) 2 1 N/A 2
 Sixth Sense: Danger (10cm radius: Soul) 1 1 A3 4
 Swashbuckler: Massive Damage (+10 Damage) 1 5 N/A 5
 Cloudship Training: Special Movement (Balance) 1 1 N/A 1
 Quick Shot: Extra Attacks (2 attacks per round)
 - Reduction: Ranged only
  His Cloud Pirate Training: Combat Techniques (Accuracy, Concealment, Leap Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Steady Hand 5 1 N/A 5
 Artifact: Cursed Ankh 2 3 N/A 6
 Danger Sense: Defense Combat Mastery (+1 Defense) 1 2 N/A 2
 Recreational Cloud Piloting class 201: Henchmen (15 Students) 5 1 N/A 5
 Skills (Specializations) Level Cost Specializations Total Cost
 Acrobatics (Tumbling) 3 5 0 15
 Cultural Arts (Literature) 2 2 0 4
 Etiquette 2 2 0 4
 Gaming (Sugi) 4 1 0 4
 Piloting (Cloudships) 3 3 0 9
 Navigation (Air) 3 3 0 9
 Seduction (Female) 4 2 0 8
 Gun Combat (Pistol, Rifle) 3 6 1 19
 Melee Attack (Sword) 2 5 0 10
 Melee Defense (Sword) 2 5 0 10
 Artisan (Carpentry) 1 1 0 1
 Visual Arts (Drawing) 2 2 0 4
 Writing (Poetry) 2 1 0 2
 Gadgets (5 Minor Left) Attributes Cost Type or Skill
 Brigantine ‘Elma’s Grace Speed: 155, Armor: 10, HP: 125 6 Major Piloting (Cloudships)
 Arcanotech Pistol ‘Sera Damage: 16, Range: 50m 1 Major Gun Combat (Pistol)
 Arcanotech Rifle ‘Cicily Damage: 22, Range: 500m 1 Major Gun Combat (Rifle)
 Enchanted Sabre ‘Agias Damage: 14 (+4 Two Handed) 1 Major Melee Attack (Swords)
 Breastplate ‘Titania Armor: 12, Chest only 1 Major Armor
 Nightvision Spyglass Heightened Senses (Infrared, Telescopic) 1 Minor Tool
 Enchanted Climbing Gloves Special Movement (Wall Climbing) 1 Minor
 Glowstone Lantern Never Ending Light Source 1 Minor Tool
 2 Extra Yellow Arcanium crystals (4 Total) Used as ammunition in his guns 4 minor
 Defects Bonus Points Extra Description
 Famous 1 He’s known locally as a major hotty by both Academy staff/students and in nearby villages.
 Wanted (Significant Incentive) 2 Alive only, wanted by Matadorian authorities. He’s not sure why, except that his father doesn’t like him. Or maybe because he stole…nah…
 Nemesis: Lord Enor Sandover 2 Lord Sandover is the jealous sort of man, and when his young bride saw Arduno … he never liked him since. It doesn’t help that the local girls he used to bed all ignore him now. He mostly just hates Arduno and would like him gone, though he’s not ready to kill him…yet.
 Nemesis: Magdela Solarim 1 She strongly dislikes Arduno, because he’s often late, often takes students for week trips at a time unannounced when he’s supposed to be taking her class on an expedition, and is rumored to have slept with the entire female staff, excluding herself, the crazy dragon cleric adventure’s economics teacher, and the former target of his affection, Lady Lila Amora. If that wasn’t enough, he calls her “babe” “sweet cheeks” and all sorts of other awful names. Plus, he’s really handsome, and that bothers her. She’s too big to do anything about it, except pounce on anything he’s done wrong. But that’s just because he’s a bad influence, right?

Always quick with his words, Arduno Boliviar claims to be the only heir of a rich and famous nobleman from the far away land of Matadoria, but he has also claimed to be the son of a rich and famous cloud pirate lord’s son, a rich and famous cloud pirate in his own right, and of all things, the heir to the Matadorian crown (they are an oligarchy, look it up). All but the most impressionable students know where to file his boasts, straight under B.S, but there is a fine line of truth behind his words somewhere, which is just enough to turn many of the young girl to crushing on him.

He is knowledgeable, literate, fashionable and deadly with a sabre, all fine traits of a young nobleman; however, he is also dirt poor, on the far side of the world a world away from the true cloud-fairing civilizations, and a teacher at the Arcanium Academy. Either he’s ducking heat, or he couldn’t cut it as even a wannabe pirate. Fitting his ego into the breeches of a deck swab would be thirty sizes too small. Perhaps the only way he can truly operate his ship and prevent mutiny from spreading after one day with his insufferable personality is to use the enamored students of this academy.

The truth behind the facade of the rogue pirate hero is that everything is a clever mask. He never tells anyone the truth of his father, his sister or why he is here. No one, not even he, wants to hear that he’s a disowned lost boy on a strange continent admidst too many admirers and enemies, and no friends. The rogue pirate hero is much more interesting. He has the skills and the cloudship to back it up. The Elma’s Grace is a peerless Matardorian Brigantine of unprecident speed. His sabre is enchanted and his sword play is deadly. He’s a crack shot with his pistol and his rifle. Why shouldn’t he believe it himself?

Arduno Boliviar

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