Dr. Bicknell

Retired Teacher of Demon Slaying


In an illustrious career as an adventuring demon slayer, Dr. Thadeus Bicknell learned to live by five simple rules:

  1. The only good demon is a dead demon.
  2. Anyone who claims to be able to turn demons to good (without slaying them) is the dupe of a vast demonic conspiracy.
  3. Demons who claim to be converted to good are lying and more dangerous than those who admit their evil ways.
  4. Kittens are cute and puppies are adorable. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is either a demon or has been tainted by demonic forces.
  5. When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

These rules served Dr. Bicknell in good stead during his adventuring career, though he did tend to leave a trail of destruction and bloodshed in his wake. (It was all some demon’s doing, honest.) Eventually, the years of adventure caught up with him and he was forced to assume a less active role in the day-to-day fight against demonic evil. That’s when he got a job teaching at Arcanium Academy—shaping a new generation of slayers.

The only problem was that they allowed Owen Atweiller to actually teach students how to consort with demons. They even had the gall to insist that Demonology 101 was a requirement for graduating as a Demon Slayer! Then Atweiller had his little accident and a filthy abomination became a member of the faculty.

Dr. Bicknell has been trying everything he can think of to get rid of Zandox. He tried sending students to do the job, but that just got Bicknell early retirement.

Dr. Bicknell

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