Elina Lendy


Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Hiboredian)
Classes: Adventuring Economics 102 with Ilana, Recreational Cloudship Piloting 201 with Arduno Boliviar, Swordplay 101 with Zeon Dipeseni, Arcanotech with Hyacinthe Villette
Known Powers: Exuberance
Equipment: Arcanotech Pistol and Gambeson armor


Elina Lendy has always wanted to be a swashbuckling, fear-inducing yet well respected cloud pirate, ever since a fleet of them captured her when she was young, and then ransomed her back to her family. While for most this would be a traumatic event, the entire time she was held hostage, the crew partied, and some party it was. The hostages were all allowed to partake (the ones who didn’t fight like the kids), and to this day she wishes they had just kept her and apprenticed her in the ways of being awesome.

When she heard that a cloudship captain and rumored to be pirate was taking residence and teaching at the Arcanium Academy, she begged her parents to enter. Since then, she has been sucking up to Arduno by doing whatever he requires, swabbing decks, intimidating new classmates, making tardy individuals walk planks all in the name of her new awesome pirate lord.

Elina Lendy

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