Sadly, most boys don't take Ad Ec for her good advice


HP: 90
EP: 160

ACV: 5
DCV: 4

100 CP
30 SP

Body: 4 (6 CP)
Mind: 6 (10 CP)
Soul: 6 (10 CP)

Alternate Form x2 (13 CP)
Defense Combat Mastery (2 CP)
Divine Relation x2 (2CP)
Features x3 (Appearance x2, Longevity) (3 CP)
Energy Bonus x5 (10 CP)
Highly skilled x3 (3 CP)
Item of Power (4 CP)
Organizational Ties (Ardarvian order) (1 CP)
Servant (Waggs) (9 CP)
Special Attack (Acid Cloud, secondary) (5 CP)
Special Attack (Bondage Laser) (20 CP)
Special Attack (Fireball, secondary) (1 CP)
Tough x2 (4 CP)
(3 CP Unspent)

Piebald Drow (Marked x2 and -4 to seduce other dark elves) (-3 CP)
Hot for Teacher (regionally Famous) (-1 CP)
Work Visa (Red Tape) (-1 CP)
Szemere (Nemesis) (-1 CP)

Acrobatics (Flexibility) x2 (10 SP)
Animal Training (Dogs) (1 SP)
Domestic Arts (Home Budgeting) x4 (8 SP)
Foreign Culture (Dark Elf) (2 SP)
Medical (Emergency Response, Surgery) x3 (10 SP)
Performing Arts (Dance) x2 (2 SP)
Ranged Defense (Personal) (6 SP)
Riding (Giant Wolf) (2 SP)
Special Ranged Attack (Ardarvian Light) x3 (18 SP)
Swimming (Competition) (1 SP)

Attribute Breakdowns
Alternate Form x2 (Full Power, 20 CP, Activation Time (10 Initiative) -1, Burns 10 EP/hour -4), 13 CP

  • Adaptation x5 (Acidic/Basic Liquids, Intense Cold/Heat, Noxious Gasses, Underwater) (5 CP)
  • Armor x2 (Full, 20 damage reduction) (6 CP)
  • Features (Scales are always sterile) (1 CP)
  • Flight x2 (50 KPH) (8 CP)
  • Special Attack: Claws (Secondary, Penetrating Armor/Force Field, Melee) (1 CP)
  • Less Capable: Mind (-2 CP)
  • (1 CP Unspent)

Item of Power (difficult to lose, 5 CP) (4 CP)

  • Force Field (20 damage reduction, blocks incorporeal, full impact, limited use (1 minute wait for 1 minute use), 1 meter radius) (5 CP)

Servant x5 (40 CP, 10 SP) (10 CP)

Special Attack x5: Acid Cloud (Secondary, 20 damage) (5 CP)

  • Area Effect x2
  • Enduring 3
  • Irritant
  • No Healing
  • Spreading x1
  • Inaccurate
  • No Damage
  • Short Range
  • Uses Energy

Special Attack x5: Ardarvian Light (20 damage) (20 CP)

  • Affects Incorporeal
  • Incurable
  • Tangle
  • No Damage
  • Short Range
  • Uses Energy

Special Attack: Fireball (Secondary, 20 damage) (1 CP)

  • Area Effect
  • Burning
  • Stoppable
  • Uses Energy


Born to a Road Queen, Ilana could have had a much rougher life if she hadn’t been a member of her nomad troupe’s ruling family. As a youth, she had the standard life of a noble girl among the dark elves: lessons in rhetoric and dancing, politicking and leadership, religion and history. As she was entering her teens, however, she began to change. There were the usual developments expected of a young noblewoman of course, but she also began to get… patchy. Entire swaths of her beautiful noble skin lost its lustrous onyx color, turning pale grey.

No one could tell why it was happening or of a way to stop it. Doctors, sorcerers, clerics: they all tried, but the best any of them could do was cast an illusion to hide Ilana’s piebald spots – a temporary solution at best. Soon Ilana could no longer bear the stares and whispers and ran away from her family.

For over a year Ilana earned her food by doing drudge work in other nomad caravans or dancing nobles’ dances for peasants. Eventually she spent some time working as the assistant to a healer, Diapol, who recognized the intelligence beneath her mottled skin. Diapol taught Ilana of healing and, eventually, began to preach the words of Ardarvia to her; when she decided Ilana was ready, Diapol sponsored her entry to the Servants of the Chain, an Ardarvian school not very far from the cave system that connected the dark elf empire to Hiboredia.

Over the next nine years Ilana studied under the Ardarvian priesthood; at first she studied purely secular subjects like domestic care and medicine, but after long discussions with the clergy she decided to take vows and serve Ardarvia. Her novitiate years passed quickly and soon she was made an acolyte. While the Servants of the Chain had been established where it was largely in hopes of attracting dark elf acolytes who could be sent back underground to find more converts, Ilana’s unique condition makes her unsuited to living among other dark elves so it was decided that she should remain in the abovelands to spread the good word of Ardarvia. As she would be in a foreign land, separated from all she knew and far from any support from the church, Ardarvia bestowed upon her many protective gifts that normally only her paladins were given.


Of course, in keeping with the understated evangelism of the Ardarvian order, Ilana’s assignment merely means she must keep an eye out for potential Ardarvians and help those of the proper temperament decide if they wish to serve the demigoddess . Because of this, the first thing she did above ground (after making sure all her paperwork was in order, of course) was to seek out a day job where she would meet many people who might be in search of a faith and be able to gain their confidence.

She soon applied to Arcania Academy for a teaching position. Her extensive hands-on training in the scutwork of traveling long distances, managing the finances of a mobile group, and healing the bumps and bruises the road dishes out made her a shoo-in for the Teacher of Adventuring Economics position (the previous teacher having quit in disgust at Arcanian students’ disinterest in the subject); her other skills were just icing on the cake. In the two years since Ilana’s taken over the class, what used to be a chronically half-empty elective is now full to bursting every term and considered a requirement by most of the male students.

In addition to running her own classes and grading the copious essays she assigns inattentive students as punishment (why she has to hand so many out she doesn’t know; all eyes are on her during class, so how come the boys never seem to have paid any attention to the lecture?), Ilana takes on quite a few additional duties around the school. Among other things, she teaches health seminars, acts as one of the school’s paramedics and is the only qualified surgeon on campus, and at the request of a PE teacher will even don the Scales of Ardarvia to oppose students in Combat classes.

Despite all this, she still remembers her mission for Ardarvia. She’s only found a handful of potential novices in her time at Arcanium, but the sort of worshipers Ardarvia desires are few and far between anyway. Someday those with whom she’s shared Ardarvia’s message might seek out the demigoddess; similarly, as an accomplished acolyte someday she might herself be sent a novice to train. In the meantime, both spiritually and secularly she serves and is content.

She lives with Red Waggs, Arcanium’s freshman PE teacher. The two get along well; despite an apparently rocky start to the relationship, Ilana’s Ardarvian training came to the fore in their early interactions and the wolfgirl responded to her as she would to the alpha of a wolf pack. The two spend much of their time together despite seeming like an odd couple at first glance, and rumors about just how intimate the housemates are run rampant among students and faculty alike.

Except for when extreme cold forces her to do otherwise, Ilana dresses quite racily by above ground standards. Already used to wearing the skimpy clothes of a dark elf noble/dancer/cleric in the cool underground, she feels most comfortable in the least amount of clothes possible, often wearing only a long loincloth to protect her (dark elven, so already practically non-existent) modesty, a light hooded cloak (which she rarely bothers to close in front) to protect her head from the sun’s irritating light, a few pieces of jewelry, and a locked anklet whose only key is kept by her high priestess to show her devotion to Ardarvia. Despite the sarcastic parenthetical aside three paragraphs above, Ilana is actually perfectly aware that her skin condition only makes her repulsive to other dark elves and that to most humanoids she is an extremely attractive woman; she does enjoy the attention she receives, but she rarely acts upon it and despite certain accusations her… unique wardrobe is how it is for her own pleasure far more than for the pleasure of any onlookers.


Acid Cloud: Has a far more sinister name than the attack actually is. After a deep breath, Ilana breathes out a large greenish-blue cloud of weak acid that can cover a large area for up to twenty seconds before dissipating. This acid does no real damage, but does irritate the nose and sinuses for a time, making it difficult to see and act while affected. This holy irritation will fade away on its own before too long, but in the meantime it resists all outside forms of healing. When Ilana has more experience in combat and more control over her own powers, this is likely to evolve into a paralyzing gas.

Ardarvian Light: With a hiss like a pot of water boiling over, a cone of bright light bursts from Ilana’s mouth and strikes the target with physical force. Well, like a stiff breeze, at least. When the light fades the target finds itself bound by a rubbery substance the same color as Ilana’s hair (very striking against the skin of a dark elf). This binding impedes their actions, but does allow air to pass through in case the target’s nose, mouth, or non-humanoid analogue is covered. The bindings can only be removed if Ilana wills it or the target is prayed over by any priest for a minimum of one minute.

Fireball: Ilana spits a fireball. It’s a lot more prosaic and pedestrian than her other abilities, but what can you do?

Alternate Form: In burst of light, Ilana’s clothes disappear and are replaced by a skintight suit of large onyx dragon scales that leaves only her eyes and hair (now gathered into a single high ponytail) exposed. Each scale has an edge tinged sapphire or ruby; the scales on her hands are sharp enough to be used as claws. Because dragons’ scales have antiseptic properties (you didn’t know that?) These claws are so sterile Ilana can – and has – perform surgery with them. Additionally, two large dragon wings sprout from just below Ilana’s shoulder blades, allowing her to fly at a respectable clip while carrying a normal load. Going by Tri-stat’s rule that a character can normally body their Body stat x30 kilos, carrying a normal teacher for a bit while flying probably wouldn’t be too difficult. Just throwing that out there.

It should be noted that the scales cover her face like a mask and seem to filter air and regulate temperatures, allowing Ilana to survive in many different environments as long as she can maintain the suit. These same properties also provide her basic protection from elemental attacks.


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