Ninja Waitress, Academy Drop Out, and Demon's Servant

Alias: Kimi
Real Name: Nakamoto Kimi
Species: Human
Nationality: Lunar Isles
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Body Mind Spirit
6 4 3
Health Energy
65 35
Attack Defense Initiative
4 5 5
 Attribute: Notes and Descriptions Level Cost PMVs Total Cost
 Mysterious Hidden Daggers: Combat Technique (Concealment; Portable Armory) 2 1 0 2
 Highly Skilled (+30 SP) 3 1 0 3
 Massive Damage (+10 Max Damage) 1 5 0 5
 Defence Combat Mastery (+3 Bonus to DCV) 3 2 0 6
 Tough (+20 HP) 1 2 0 2
 Gadgets (1 Major/4 Minor Gadgets) 1 2 0 2
 Skills (Specializations) Level Cost Specializations Total Cost
 Thrown Weapons (Blades) 3 4 0 12
 Climbing (Walls) 2 2 0 4
 Stealth (Silent Movement) 2 3 0 6
 Acrobatics (Balance) 1 5 0 5
 Melee Defense (Knife) 1 5 0 5
 Melee Attack (Knife) 1 5 0 5
 Artisan (Tailoring) 1 1 0 1
 Visual Arts (Drawing) 1 2 0 2
 Gadgets Attributes Cost Type
 Crescent Moon Blade Damage: 8, Concealable, Muscle Powered Major Weapon
 Throwing Daggers Damage: 4, Range: Short, Concelable Minor Weapon
 Finely Crafted Cloth Body Armor Armor 4 Minor x3 Armor
 Defects Bonus Points Extra Description
 Bugs!: Phobia (moderate) 2 0

Some people would be bummed out about flunking out of Arcanium Academy on the last week of their senior year because they failed to complete their senior project. Many would be depressed about dishonoring their family, clan, and nation, and almost all Lunar Islanders would be beside themselves if they couldn’t commit ritual suicide to atone for that dishonor. And just about everyone would be absolutely morose about being eternally bound as a demon’s minion. Strangely, Nakamoto Kimi has had all of these things happen to her in the last year and retains an incredibly sunny and sassy disposition.

Kimi was raised by her parents on the remote Mirage Island. Like many on the island, she was trained in the way of the Shadow Clans, learning the fine arts of concealment and assassination. Kimi was a good student, but did not think she was anything spectacular. Thus, she was astonished when the letter arrived from the Moon Priestess’ Court saying she had been granted a scholarship to the illustrious Arcanium Academy in Hiboredia.

The cloudship voyage to the Academy was the kind of amazing adventure that Kimi thought would never happen to her, and only a prelude to the wonders waiting at the school. Arriving at the Academy she devoted herself to her classes and honed her skills as sharp as her beloved Crescent Moon Blade. Kimi even found the time to meet a boy and fall in love.

He was a senior named Leon, an excellent swordsman majoring in demon slaying. Things were going amazingly well until Leon was assigned his senior project “Kill Mr. Zandox.” Kimi didn’t know much about demons, but she had heard of Zandox’s reputation. Sending a student to kill a demon mentioned in some of the Library’s oldest tomes seemed like a suicide mission. She did everything she could to help Leon prepare for his mission, but he insisted that he had to do the deed on his own. The night after she was asked to identify Leon’s mangled body, Kimi decided she had one course of action: switch her major to demon slaying and get assigned to personally eliminate Leon’s killer.

The story of how Zandox turned Kimi from would be slayer to bound servant is best told elsewhere. Together master and servant exposed Dr. Bicknell as the instructor behind the “Kill Mr. Zandox” assignments. Bicknell left the Academy in disgrace though he seems as intent on seeing Zandox slain as ever. Unfortunately, Kimi had failed to complete her senior project, so she could not graduate.

Kimi has been working as Zandox’s housekeeper and general errand runner. He doesn’t require her to work too many hours and even encouraged her to find a part time job to earn a little spending money. While Zandox is teaching, Kimi works as a server at the Purple Rose Café. Kimi’s Shadow Clan training has proven to be an asset as a waitress; she has a knack for popping up with what the customers want just as they seem to realize they want it.


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