Lila Amora Sinithia

Your (Un)Life Science teacher


Lila Amora has long black hair, pale skin and is quite beautiful. She is also creepy as all hell and constantly seems to stare through people. She talks to empty rooms. Her smile scares the dead. Her magic is gruesome, even if it is beneficial at times, and horrific at others. She is a master of blood magic, deriving energy from the cells of her own blood. She has been known to use it to heal as well as cause monsters to explode.


“My life sciences teacher is scary” is the first thought that goes through the minds of teacher Lila Amora Sinithia’s students. She teachers with an undead servant named “Miss Bones” who Lila complains never eats lunch, and that’s why she’s so thin. Everyone in their right minds knows the truth: Lila Amora is a necromancer. Miss Bones would attest that the scary but beautiful teacher has not reanimated anyone who did not ask for it, if she had lungs.

Lila is a bit on the eclectic side. Her memory for people and schedules is terrible, and she rarely remembers anyone but the Headmaster, who thinks she’s just charming. She never remember promises, or appointments, and never keeps proper office hours. This memory problem is particularly troubling to her dates, as she never seems to remember them the next day, and she doesn’t drink alcohol. Who would date such a person, you might ask? One Arduno Boliviar, that’s who. Although they’ve been on four dates according to him, she still doesn’t even say hello to him in the hall, or seem to remember his name. He seems to have since given up, however.

What she lacks in memory, she makes up for in raw spell power. In addition to her sketchy knowledge of necromancy, she is also a powerful blood mage. Her magic scares the living dickens out of anyone who has ever seen her use it outside of the school. Few have, however.

Few know little about her, and most know only that she scares them. Those who happen to hear her mention something about her past know she is from a nobleman’s daughter from Thog. She came here to teach four years ago, but no one knows her reasons.

Lila Amora Sinithia

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