Lord Enor Sandover

Hiboredian Lord of Covesby Grove and its outlying areas


Enor Sandover is a mountain of a man, an incredible soldier and also a great tactician. He is known to display feats of strength beyond normal men with no magical aids. Aside from his strength, he also has two enormous bracers that seem to absorb physical damage just as well as any shield.


Once a general in the Hiboredian Army, and then a great Lord of the Court, Lord Enor Sandover has been reduced to a mere shadow of his former glory. That does not mean he is any less strong, bullheaded or outright foolish. With his teenage bride, he rules Covesby Grove, keeping a strict watch on the small lake village.

Lately, the Arcanium University has drawn his ire due to one individual: Arduno Boliviar. It is widely known that the Lord Sandover is a jealous man, so when a strapping young and handsome devil comes strolling through his playground with promises of adventure and untold riches, he can only be skeptical. When his wife told him how wonderful it would be to ride away on the rogue’s cloudship, he could not take it anymore. Although he has not officially taken any action, he has hired a few individuals to quietly get rid of the blond pirate. Unfortunately, their luck is worse than Lord Sandover’s, and many often end up falling to their deaths when sneaking on his ship, or ending up a “volunteer” to become another of his girlfriend’s “willing” skeletal minions.

So far, the only thing he has accomplished is give the boy a rash via a curse. It however, turned out to curse the user ten times as bad, causing him to not be able to be seen in public for the better part of the month, while Arduno put up with an itch for a week.

Lord Enor Sandover

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