Magdela Solarim

Your Spelunking and Dungeoneering Instructor


Age: 33
Gender: Female
Race: Human ( Hiboredian)
Responsibilities: Student Advisor, Advanced Spelunking and Dungeoneering Instructor
Known Powers: Healing magic, offensive elemental magic, some short sword skill

Magdela is a classically trained wizard and truly looks the part. She wears the traditional robes and tall hat. She’s equally as serious about wizardry as she is about teaching. She rarely seems to notice her own appearance is above average, and that she’s quite attractive to others, as she has far more important things to do. Her long violet hair combined with her good level of fitness from constantly spelunking has made her a catch — if anyone can get over her thick protective shell of a personality.


Three days after Magdela Solarim graduated from the Arcanium Academy, she realized adventuring was not at all what she imagined, sleeping on hard floors, not showering for weeks, barely surviving monster attacks. These things were best confined to the theoretical, in books and at most in field trips, when a safe cloudship stood by ready to whisk her away to safety and comfort. A month after, Magdela returned to her former home and found a job as the Spelunking instructor and has been ever since.

Magdela has a hard shell and is strict with both herself and her students. She holds everyone to high standards and expects everyone to give it their all. Her class is the most challenging, as it requires all of the other disciplines, and involves the most testing. Before students are allowed to take the spelunking and dungeoneering class, they have to have completed all of the 101 level classes.

Magdela herself is an accomplished wizard and quite capable of handling anything inside of all but the worst dungeons alone with her students. She has powerful healing abilities and is no slouch with a short sword. She quickly rose to a position of power in the Academy due to her no nonsense attitude. She built a reputation early for being a ball buster, and developed great relations with most of the staff. However all of her influence and experience means nothing in the face of her nemesis, the chauvinistic and demoralizingly handsome Matadorian cloudship instructor.

Magdela Solarim

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