Normineer Haknmes

Name: Normineer Haknmes
Species: Human
Race: Lunar Islander
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair: Brown, Short/Spiky
Body Mind Spirit
10 6 8
Health Energy Initiative
110 70(90) 13
Attack Defense Total CP
8 6 100
Spent CP Unused CP Skills
96 4 60/60
 Attribute: Notes and Descriptions Level Cost PMVs Total Cost
 Combat Technique(Accuracy, Lightning Reflexes) 2 1 0 2
 Exorcism: Undead Sealing(Burns Energy 5 EP/use, -3) 4 2 A3 T2 10
 Extra Attacks 1 8 0 8
 Force Field(20 damage reduction; Full Impact; Burns Energy 10 EP/hour, -4) 1 4 A2 2
 Gadgets 1 2 0 2
 Highly Skilled (+30 Skill Points) 3 1 0 3
 Massive Damage 1 5 0 5
 Organisational Ties(Organisation with great power): Arcanium Academy(Student Advisor) 2 3 0 6
 Spell of Blinding: Sensory Block(Vision; Burns Energy 5 EP/use, -3) 1 1 A3 D2 R1 4
 Tough 1 2 0 2
 Item of Power: Auralance Level Cost PMVs Total Cost
 Item of Power 2 4 0 8
 Divine Relationship 4 1 0 4
 Energy Bonus 1 2 0 2
 Special Attack(Armor Penetrating; Muscle Powered, Melee) 1 4 0 4
 Gadgets Attributes Cost Type or Skill
 Accurized Arcanotech Pistol Damage: 12, Ranged: 50m, +1 bonus to attack checks 3 Minor Gun Combat (Pistol)
 Arcanium Steel Chain Hauberk 8 Armor, Reduces arcane penetration by 5, Only partial armor 1 Major, 1 Minor Armor
 Skills (Specializations) Level Cost Specializations Total Cost
 Acrobatics(Balance) 1 5 0 5
 Controlled Breathing(Slow Heart Rate) 1 1 0 1
 Management/Admin(School) 1 2 0 2
 Mechanics(Arcanotech) 2 2 0 4
 Military Sciences(Teamwork) 1 3 0 3
 Occult(Magic) 1 2 0 2
 Gun Combat(Pistol) 1 6 0 6
 Melee Attack(Polearms) 2 5 0 10
 Melee Defence(Polearms) 3 5 0 15
 Ranged Defence(Personal) 1 6 0 6
 Unarmed Attack(Strikes) 1 6 0 6
 Defects Bonus Points Extra Description
 Less Capable (Willpower) 1 Not very willful, -3 penalty to Willpower Checks.
 Nemesis: Zeon Dipeseni 1 Fellow combat teacher, always wanting to duel and test his abilities on Normineer.
 Phobia: Heights 1 Despises high places, humans are supposed to have their feet on the ground!
 S.O.: Magdela Solarim 1 Would do anything for her, too bad she doesn’t even look at him.

Damage Table

Dice Roll Auralance Pistol
Base 30 22
2-4 38 30
5-8 31 25
9-13 23 19
14-16 16 14

As his family before him, Normineer Haknmes was trained to be an exorcist. He received extensive combat training, both physical and magical. In addition, his mind was stuffed with military strategies, especially how to work in a team of other exorcists. Normineer eventually proved to be the brightest star of his generation, and he was chosen to receive the artifact weapon “Auralance”, passed down from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, all of his talent was going to waste. His family had long since purged his home Island of the Dawn, and all other islands, of undead decades ago. More than likely, he would have grown old and passed on both the spear and his knowledge to the next generation before disappearing into the pages of history. But apparently, his destiny lay elsewhere.

An envoy from the mainland’s Arcanium Academy came calling on the Lunar Isles, asking for them to send one of their greatest warriors to teach their unique combat skills at their school. The Moon Priestess promised the Lunar Isles would do so, passed the order for the ‘greatest warrior’ to the lords of the various islands, and the Arcanium representative flew back where he came from with a satisfied sense of accomplishment. The representative had no idea what he had done.

Epic arguments between the islands broke out. Each islands sent forth their warriors, claiming theirs were the strongest. They all vied for the honor of being called the ‘greatest’, while at the same time knowing they would lose their strongest warrior if they were chosen. It was eventually decided unanimously that the Dawn, who specialized in exorcism and fighting the undead, was a suitable choice, as they posed little threat to the balance of power in the islands and were relatively useless now anyway. This way, each islands’ pride could remain intact, and they got to keep their warriors.

Normineer was the obvious choice, as he had already proven to be the best of his generation on the island. Having been brought up since birth being told what his destiny was, he lacked much of a will of his own, so when he was chosen he went without a fuss. His journey to the school terrified him, as his travel was by cloudship sent by the Academy (the student sent with him seemed to be having fun, though).

Upon arriving, he was immediately placed in the “Practical Combat” class, which combines both physical and magical combat theory and weaves them together into one form. His classes aren’t the most popular, since most students prefer to study one combat form or the other (the workload of studying both physical and magical combat is pretty harsh), but on the other hand the students that are in his class tend to be fairly serious about it.

Since arriving, he’s become close to only a few of the other teachers, owing to his passive lifestyle. There is one woman that has caught his attention: Magdela Solarim. He is able to see through her harsh shell-of-a-personality to her hidden, kind nature. However, whenever they speak, she’s always going on about the cloudship piloting teacher (almost always complaining about his behavior). It doesn’t surprise Normineer in the least, because how could someone compete with incredibly suave characters like Arduno and Hyacinthe Villette? Granted, maybe if he just dressed himself up a bit and got some more self-confidence…

One exception is a particular coworker named Zeon Dipeseni. He teaches the “Advanced Swordfighting” class, and is always challenging Normineer to duels at inconvenient times. Zeon’s insufferably positive boisterousness tends to rub Normineer the wrong way as well.

He is fairly popular amongst the male students, but mainly because they don’t see him as a rival for the female students’ (and teachers’, in some cases) attention. His hair is almost always a mess, his clothes aren’t very fashionable (they’re from the island of his birth), and he’s not very assertive. He’s the perfect, “You’re a great person, any girl would be lucky to have you, but lets just be friends,” kind of person.

Normineer Haknmes

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