Periwinkle Figalilly

Student Sprite


Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Sprite (Dingley Dale)
Classes: Spell-Slinging with Eralem Omateh, Demonology 101 with Zandox, P.E. 101 with Red, Care and Maintenance of Mythic Creatures 101 with Harulin Wegbelka
Known Powers: Flight, rudimentary spell casting
Known Disability: Diminutive Size (About the size of a sparrow or rodent)


The best way to get a sprite to do something is to tell her she can’t do it. Case in point: Periwinkle Figalilly.

  1. Her dad told her not to go to the meadow where a Matadorian trader was buying “duty free” Caermoran whiskey, so she went.
  2. Her sisters told her she couldn’t sneak on the cloudship, within moments she’d flown into a convenient porthole.
  3. The crew members that found her said she couldn’t stay aboard, a month later they were still trying to find a way to chase her off when the ship arrived at Arcanium.
  4. Someone said there was no way Peri could get into the prestigious Academy, so she left the cloudship and started sneaking into classrooms.
  5. Finally, Miss Omateh said non-students couldn’t audit Spell-Slinging 101 and let loose a barrage of fireballs to prove her point.

Zandox wandered over from the neighboring Demonology class to see what the commotion was about, this time, and saw Peri flitting about inches away from the far wall’s most recent scorch marks. After hearing Eralem’s complaint and witnessing Peri’s uncanny ability to dodge expertly thrown fireballs, Zandox laughed and said he’d have a word with the Headmaster to get Peri enrolled as a student. “Though,” he added, “There’s no way she’ll ever graduate.”

Periwinkle Figalilly is now a first year student at Arcanium Academy and the only Small One in the student body. For some reason, Zandox is the only teacher she goes to for help. He helps her, but keeps insisting that it’s impossible for her to graduate.

Periwinkle Figalilly

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