Queen Sesseluna Hibore

Queen Sesseluna Hibore the Gentle


Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Hiboredian)
Responsibilities: Rulership of the Kingdom of Hiboredia.

Known Powers: Sceptre of Hibore, 13 sworn knight protectors, social and political skills.


Known for her quiet way in court, the Hiboredian queen become the heir apparent when she was born, and was crowned Princess until her father died after her thirteenth nameday. At this time, her Uncle Sarlune became the High Protector and regent for his niece. On her seventeenth nameday, Sarlune was assassinated, and his niece barely escaped the same fate when a mysterious individual saved her. Although Queen Sesseluna does not talk of this event, it is popularly rumored to be the reason she has yet to take a husband, as she supposedly fell in love with the man who saved her and pines for him to this day.

The truth is approximated by Magdela: “During the time of troubles in Hibore, there were a dozen familes vying for the crown. Crazy old King Griffdon left a power vacuum like none other. His little brother was barely twenty and three when the King died and left little Sesseluna to be the crowned princess. King Sarlune kept his niece and his baby daughter hidden far away on the edges of the kingdom. Supposedly protected by an ancient wizard of great power. They were all but forgotten when Sarlune was assassinated. Sesseluna was then the uncrowned Queen, with no other above her. Apparently, she was also attacked, her household staff killed and she fled into the woods where she would have surely died… when a valiant prince decended from the clouds and saved her. He fought off assassins and later dropped her at the capital with nary a word between them.”

It turns out her childhood home is in Covesby Grove and the ghost inhabiting her house is her niece, and Uncle Grumpy is her Wizard protector. How he became a vampire is as of yet unknown.

Queen Sesseluna Hibore

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