Substitute Demonology Teacher

Alias: Zandox
Real Name: Withheld
Species: Demon
Race: Demonic
Gender: Male
Age: 1085
Body Mind Spirit
6 8 10
Health Energy
80 90
Attack Defense Initiative
8 6 8
 Attribute: Notes and Descriptions Level Cost PMVs Total Cost
 Demon Form: Alternative Form, Full Powered (20 CPs; Burns Energy [5EPs/use or 5EPs/Hour]) 2 9 0 15
 Demonic Dominion:Mind Control (Any Human/Alien; +1/-0 to Check Values; Burns Energy [2 EPs/use]; Range 10m; Duration 10 min) 1 5 R: 1 D: 4 T:1 8
 Ball of Hellfire:Special Attack (40 Damage; Drain Soul; Penetrating [Armour]; Slow; Uses Energy) 2 4 0 8
 Summon Imp: Demonic Summon/Control (25 CP creature; 1 Creature; 1 min; Burns Energy [5 EP/use]) 1 5 A: 5 D: 3 10
 Kimi: Servant (Limited to one particular servant; 40 Character Points) 5 2 0 10
 Highly Skilled (+20 Skill Points) 2 1 0 2
 Skills (Specializations) Level Cost Specializations Total Cost
 Occult (Demon Lore) 4 2 0 8
 Etiquette (Upper Class) 2 2 0 4
 Languages (Human, Archaic Human) 2 2 0 4
 Law (Contracts) 2 2 0 4
 Interrogation (Psychological) 1 3 0 3
 Intimidation (Business) 1 3 0 3
 Performing Arts (Public Speaking) 3 1 0 3
 Power Usage (Mind Control) 2 6 0 12
 Social Sciences (Psychology) 1 3 0 3
 Special Ranged Attack (Ball of Hellfire) 1 6 0 6
 Defects Bonus Points Extra Description
 Infernal Wrath: Blind Fury 1 Initiates if HP below 20 or if Kimi is incapacitated. Will assume Demon Form if in Blind Fury.
 Summoning Pact: Confined Movement 2 Arcanium Academy and environs. Headmaster can send on school business at his discretion and must be observed by another teacher.
 Sweet Tooth: Easily Distracted 1 Oooh! Doughnuts!
 Dr. Bicknell: Nemesis 1 Former Chairman of Demon Slaying program.
 Cost Breakdown: Alternate Form Level Cost PMVs Total Cost
 Bat Wings:Flight (Hover/VTOL; 10KPH) 1 4 0 4
 Scaly Red Skin: Armour (Full; 20 damage reduction) 1 6 0 6
 Demonic Strength: Enhanced Body (+3 Bonus to Body) 3 0 0 7
 Natural Weapons (Fangs, Horns, Tail Striker) 3 1 0 3
 Too Mean to Die: Regeneration (5 HPs/round; Burns Energy [2 EPs/Use]) 1 5 0 4
 Bigger than Life and Twice as Ugly: Awkward Size (2x Height) 0 0 0 -1
 Eek! A Demon: Marked (Impossible to Conceal) 0 0 0 -3
 Link to Kimi’s stats.

Zandoximephisamedus von Pratt, Green Moon Slayer, Lord of the… You don’t honestly expect to see Zandox’s True Name here, that’s the kind of stunt that got him stuck as a sub at Arcanium Academy seven years ago. It all started out simply enough, on the last day before finals Owen Atweiler, the Demonology teacher at Arcanium Academy, was going to summon a real live demon as a demonstration for the Demonology 101 class. Atweiler and Zandox had even worked out the details in advance. Both summoner and summonee would be inside properly scribed protective circles, just to keep everything on the level. Atweiler would perform the necessary rituals. Zandox would appear in his summoning circle, assume his True Form, yell insanely, and maybe even toss some Hellfire Atweiler’s way just to show how the human was protected by his summoning circle. Then after a quick Q&A session for the pupils, Zandox would pop back to his home dimension with the pound of taffy Atweiler had promised as payment. At least that was the plan…

Everything went south shortly after Zandox assumed his True Form. Somehow a petrification glyph went off inside Atweiler’s summoning circle and the teacher was instantly turned to stone. Of course the students all blamed the nearest demon and the smart ones ran to get the Headmaster. The not quite as smart ones wasted time, effort, and ammunition trying to attack Zandox inside his summoning circle. Zandox didn’t even try going back to his home dimension, after all only his summoner could release the summons and Atweiler was placidly starting his new career in statuary. Zandox counted to ten to regain his composure, resumed human form, and adapted his best professorial tone. “Now, class!” he bellowed. “What lesson should we learn from this?”

By the time Headmaster Umialle arrived on the scene, the Demonology 101 class had returned to a state of normalcy with Mr. Zandox lecturing on why one should never place oneself in a summoning circle without making sure one knew about absolutely everything that was in the circle with one. Zandox and Umialle spent the rest of the afternoon negotiating a contract in which Zandox assumes Atweiler’s teaching duties until Atweiler is released from the petrification curse. Nobody knows when that will happen as Atweiler is safe and sound from all restoration magics inside his circle.

Umialle expanded Zandox’s circle to include the entire Academy, Lake Ilkur, Covesby Grove, and some of the surrounding fields. Zandox has promised not to intentionally harm any students, faculty, staff, parents, visitors, etc. unless in self-defense. Zandox can be harmed by attacks originating inside the circle.

Zandox was pleasantly surprised to find he has a knack for teaching. It’s a lot like persuading human summoners that giving a demon their immortal soul in return for a small favor is really a good bargain. The Demonology 1 class is normally filled past capacity on the first day of a new term, though the class gets down to a normal size after Zandox explains his grading policies. (Failure’s not really an option as the only way to fail is by getting mauled by a practice imp, but the threat of mauling deters most slackers.)

Zandox has noticed two changes to his personality in the years he’s lived among humans. First, his desire for sweets has gone from a hobby to an obsession. He hasn’t yet changed a student’s grade in exchange for a cookie, but he’s come close. Second, he has taken an interest in human females. Not a healthy, “I’ll tie you up, rip your clothes off, and chortle as you writhe in agony over a pit of hellfire” interest. No, it’s some kind of sick, “Let’s walk by the lake and watch the moon” interest. He has refrained from acting on this interest as he finds it quite unsettling.

Zandox lives in a three bedroom faculty housing cottage in Shorehurst which would normally be reserved for married faculty. He shares the cottage with Rhiannon Atweiler, Arcanium Academy’s Archery teacher and wife of Owen, the statue in the Demonology class. It’s a very awkward arrangement for both parties. Zandox’s presence reminds Rhiannon of her husband’s accident and nothing the demon says ever placates the archer. Zandox and Rhiannon have both repeatedly applied for transfer to bachelor apartments and both have been repeatedly rebuffed by the intransigent logic of the campus housing department.

Three years ago, a faculty advisor in the Demon Slaying program decided that “Kill Mr. Zandox” was a suitable senior project which he assigned to one student each year. Zandox easily foiled the first two would be slayers, but two students left the Academy in pine boxes. Somehow, the third candidate demon slayer, Nakamoto Kimi, survived her attempt, but wound up being bound to Zandox as his servant. Kimi has been living in the cottage basement and helping Zandox with cleaning and odd jobs. (Theoretically Kimi could live in the third bedroom, but Rhiannon refuses to allow it.) Kimi also works part time as a waitress at the Purple Rose Café.


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