arcanotech pistol

weapon (ranged)


  • Damage: 12
  • Concealable: Can be hidden in clothes or armor.
  • Short Range: Effective within 50 meters.
  • Low Penetration (Shields): Magical shields provides an additional 5 armor.
  • Penetration (Armor): Mundane armor provides 5 less armor.
  • Limited Shots: Six shots before the arcanium crystal is extinguished.
  • Quick Reload (Activation 1): Action is delayed by 10 initiative.
  • Cost: 2 Minor (x1 pistol, x1 crystal)
  • Included Ammunition: 1 Red Crystal
  • Skill: Gun Combat (Pistol)


  • Accurized: +1 bonus to any attack check when firing single shots. (1 Minor)
  • Snub Nose: -2 attack above 5 meters, -1 damage, -1 penalty to spot the hidden weapon. (Free)
  • Yellow Crystal: +4 Damage, +5 bonus to mundane armor penetration. (2 minor)
  • Removed Trigger Guard: +1 bonus to initiative while using the weapon. (Free)

Arcanotech pistols were designed with simplicity in mind. They fire a blast of pure arcane energy at whoever is on the other end of shot. These small hand guns are only accurate at a short range and do limited damage, rarely taking down anyone in just one shot. Like all pure arcane weaponry, they have a difficult time piercing magical shields, but have no problem cutting through any sort of body armor.

arcanotech pistol

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