Cursed Ankh

Always seen around Arduno's neck


‘Cursed Ankh’
Item of Power
Cost: 6 CP

It appears to be a necklace with a golden serpent coiled around a silver ankh.


  • Block Power (All Attacks): -2 to Stat Check
    *Detectable (Spirit): Spiritually sensitive people can sense its powerful magic when the block power is activated by any offensive power. This detection is not modified by this block power attribute.
  • Block Power (Sixth Sense): In addition to the -2 from the regular power, an addition -2 to anyone using any sixth sense to detect Arduno. This attribute does affect the spiritual detection upon use of the primary Block Power.


  • Cursed 3: All those who knows about the amulet has to make a Soul check at +4 upon initial contact, or want it for themselves. Every subsequent sighting inflicts another soul check. If the victim knows of its power or has touched it, a -2 penalty is applied (-4 if both). If the person has possessed it for any length of time the penalty is increased to -6. Those who want it will stop at nothing to get it back. Each soul failure drives the victim closer to taking action.

Arduno: It was my mother’s. I have nothing more to say about it.

The little he says about it seems to make people the more curious about it. Arduno usually keeps it concealed in his dublet.

Cursed Ankh

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