Elma's Grace

A beautiful Matadorian brigantine cloudship


Elma’s Grace

  • Model: Brigantine
  • Speed: 155
  • Movement Bonus: 3
  • Size: Medium
  • Min. Crew: 15
  • Passengers: 10
  • Max Cargo: 15
  • Armor: 10
  • Hit Points: 125
  • Cost: 6 Major (3 Base)


  • Enchanted Hull: Trace amounts of arcanium were worked into the hull of the ship. +5 arcane resistance, +2 Minor
  • Extra Arcanium: An extra blue arcanium capacitator was installed. Speed +20, -10 tons, +1 Major
  • Furnishings: Kitchen, beds… you get the point. Arduno is homeless without his ship. +1 Minor
  • Luxury Interior: Velvet drapes, leather upholstery, everything a sophisticated pir—pilot teacher needs to impress his vic—students. +1 Minor
  • Port & Polish: The ship was cleaned and sanded to a fine polish. Speed +10, +1 Minor
  • Retractable Ballista: Allows the vehicle to make grapple checks against other vehicles. It can also be used to tow. +1 Minor
  • Ship Redesign: Redesigned from the original specifications, the ship was streamlined for maneuverability, MB +1, +2 Minor

Notes: 4 Minor = 1 Major


Arduno’s stories about how he acquired the Elma’s Grace vary depending on how drunk he is…
Buzzed: “So, I was gambling with this merchant. He tells me, hey, if you can beat me at darts, you can have my ship. Well, when I won, he offered me his wife instead, but I’d already had her!”
Tipsy: “No…shh…I’ll tell you the truth. So, I saw it there, in the harbor. Fresh as a newborn. Only had ten guards. I best’ed the lot, took the ship, and we’ve been best mates ever since!”
Sloshed: “I just -hic- tell that to the landlubbers and the ladies… It was a prize racing siiiip… I had to have it. My father -the old basta’d- he says, ‘Nah! You’ll crash it into a mountain. Here’s a talette. Learn to fly before you race.’ So I says back, ‘Nah! I’m taking it.’ And I did. And here we are!”

Elma's Grace

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