To Do List

This is a list of pages still needed for the wiki. Underneath are areas you can claim around 3 pages at a time (leave some for others) to write up. Please delete entries from the ‘Unclaimed’ list as you claim it, and feel free to add ideas to the ‘Unclaimed’ list that you think of. Complete wiki pages within 2 days of claiming them, or return them to the unclaimed list.

Once you are completed with a page, add the ‘unchecked’ tag to the page, and place it in the “Completed/In Need of Checking” section at the bottom of this page for the GM to give a quick look-over. Add a link to the page if you want to make it easier.


  • New Races (multiple possibilities)
  • Countries (multiple possibilities)
  • Teachers/Staff/Other NPC’s (multiple possibilities) (we have plenty of NPC’s for now, please refrain from making more unless they’re important until further notice)
  • Arcanotech basic items (multiple possibilities)
  • Cities/Villages/etc. (multiple possibilities)
  • Creatures of the world (multiple possibilities)




  1. Goddess Save the Queen Epilogue
  2. The Date
  3. Goddess of Mercy religion


Completed/In Need of Checking:

To Do List

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